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Welcome to our church

St John the Baptist Church, Southend-on-Sea, can be found in the heart of your community. In the frantic rush of the town centre, in the Parish of Southend, you will find us. A place of peace and calm. Why not drop in and experience our tranquillity?

Our Mission

We are here to serve you, worship God and love the community in Jesus Christ.

Join us in worship, our services are easy to follow and understand. Whether you worship with us regularly, are staying in Southend on holiday or on business or looking at faith for the first time, you will find something that will guide you through your week.

Here at St Johns you will find relevant teaching, spiritual help with a touch of modern day realism. We are non-judgemental and welcome you all.

Our worship has a down to earth approach to it. It is simplistic with a hidden beauty.

We approach our faith and worship in a practical yet spiritual way.

We are the Southend lifeboat church.

After visiting us we hope you will take something personal away with you that is concrete for you to use in your day-to-day life.